15129058_1176710072421195_4108746501231431517_o Bats QLD is a non-profit organization and we rescue, rehabilitate, release and raise orphan flying foxes and microbats. This organization is run entirely by volunteers and in order for us to continue this work we rely solely on donations. This year we were able to put together some much-requested merchandise which is now available for the specified donation cost.
Calendars: AU$15.00.
Christmas Cards: AU$3.00 each, 2 for AU$5.00 or 10 for AU$20.00.
Batty Bags: AU$20.00.
Please note the cost of postage is in NOT included and there are no guarantees of arrival before December 25th, 2016 as these are made to order. Available internationally. Please email treasurer@batsqld.org.au for the order and purchase. Please see individual photo for details and/or email treasurer@batsqld.org.au for further details including a postage estimate.