Sponsorships for 2016/2017 are now open!!!!!sponsership

For a single donation of AU$70, you can sponsor one of our baby bats in care, choose which bat you would like to sponsor and receive a certificate of sponsorship.. We currently have around 60 bats in care awaiting sponserships.

All you need to do is  make an AU$70 donation through PayPal. Once completed please additionally send an email to enquiries@batsqld.org.au state your name and as to which orphan you would like to sponsor.

Your sponsorship donation will greatly assist in covering the expenses of these creatures from rescue to release. As a Non-Profit Organisation donations like these are vital to the sustainability of our group, without such donations we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do and would cease to exist and thus wouldn’t be able save these beautiful bats. So Thank You!


*Please note that babies will be allocated at random if no requested for a specific baby is received. Donations are tax deductible, however, donations to us from other countries might NOT be tax deductable. Receipts are given on request.