Bats QLD Scoops Q Super Centre Community Prize


Bats QLD was named the winning organisation by Q Super Centre on 25 June 2019 for their Q Community Donation competition and awarded the $5000 prize.

Out of 841 nominated community organisations Bats QLD was named one of the top 5. Over the last two weeks Q Super Centre asked their followers and members of the public to cast a vote for the organisation they felt worthy to win the $5000 prize.

Our own members, and friends and followers took to the social media pages sharing it with their own friends and followers, canvassing and requesting people to vote for Bats QLD. So many people took part and casted their vote. In the first few days Bats QLD was moving between 1st and 2nd place.

Eventually results were no longer visible on the competition page, so we did not know who was in the lead anymore. Our supporters and members redoubled their efforts to get votes – with fellow Bats QLD member and Snake Boss, Julia Baker, talking about it to her own fans on radio and other media, and even creating this beautiful video at our Jeanette Miles flight aviary to show people some of the work we do.

The votes were counted and we got the most votes (2526 of them)!!

Our heartfelt thanks to every single person who voted and shared and canvassed for us. As a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation this prize will help immensely with things like vet and medicine costs, fruit and nutrition for our bats in care, as well as equipment to make rescues and rehabilitation easier.

Our thanks also to Q Super Centre as well for their extreme generosity towards us and the community. Please visit this wonderful centre, and check out their Facebook page

The winnings will definitely save many precious bat lives!