It is the time of the year where mums are starting to give birth to their pups.

It is also the time of the year when lots of mommy bats run into trouble, and bubs are orphaned. Please keep your pets contained at night, and please keep your eyes open for bats in trouble.

Please remember:
If you find a bat on the ground (Gold Coast area), or hanging close to the ground, or alone at daytime, or even if you find a dead bat on electrical wires or on the ground DO NOT touch it, but please call our 24 hotline immediately on 0447 222 889. We have vaccinate and trained rescuers to handle bats.

If you find a baby bat, no matter how cute they are, please do not pick it up, but throw a towel over it to keep it safe until the rescuer arrive. Please share this with your kids as well.

We have already started caring for our first orphans. This is our busiest time of the year, and also the time of the year where your donations can really help us give these little ones the best possible chance to grow up healthy and be released back into the wild

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