Our fundraising period has come to end and a fantastic one at that!!! We raised over $12,000 and were fortunate enough to win the $5000 from the Q Super Centre Community Competition thanks to your votes. These funds will be used for the rescue and rehabilitation of these amazing and misunderstood creatures. Your donations will pay for milk, fruit, supplement protein powders, rescue gear and rehab facilities.

We are also currently in the process of developing and manufacturing a “critical incident” trailer which carries all our gear and becomes our air-conditioned emergency command centre and pop up bat triage during heat stress events or any major rescue operations. This trailer will allow us to save so many more bats in such events whilst keeping our volunteers comfortable and working optimally as we search through bat camps and collect the fallen.

This trailer will also double as our education trailer, which will be taken to events and community festivals. It will provide an enticing and informative hub for visitors to come and learn about our batties. There will be a custom built bat observation cage where our educational bat will be displayed for people to view. The cage is designed for maximum comfort for the bats and will be built with a two-way perspex mirror so the bats cannot see the humans checking them out!

Thanks to a $5000 grant towards this trailer from Logan City Council and a portion of these raised funds, we hope to have this trailer completed by the end of the year in preparation for major incidents.

We cannot be more thankful for the support from all of our followers. You are all amazing and we value each and every one of you! THANK YOU.

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