Who are we?

Bats Qld (Flying Foxes & Microbats) Inc. is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation who rescue, rehabilitate and release Flying Foxes and Microbats across South East Queensland (Gold Coast to Brisbane area), Australia.

About Us

Here at Bats Qld, our primary goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release any orphaned or injured Flying Foxes or Microbats that need our help.

The second goal which is just as important is to educate the young and old on the importance of Flying Foxes in our ecosystem along with dispelling the myths that have always surrounded these amazing mammals.

Bats Qld is dedicated to:

  • Providing education and information to the general public
  • Active conservation of Flying Foxes and Microbats and their habitat
  • The promotion of bats as a very important part of our ecology
  • The rehabilitation and release of bats back to the wild
  • The rescue of sick, injured & orphaned bats

To help achieve this in a professional manner Bats Qld are aiming to establish an education centre which will be a valuable resource for our community.

Meet The Team



Paula has been working with wildlife for many years, but bats have become her passion. The most misunderstood mammal of Australia...



Morne Matthysen has always been an animal lover. Upon moving to Australia 6 years ago Morne knew he wanted to get involved in getting to kno



Jeanette is a partner at accounting practice Fay & Redman, with over 20 years experience in public practice. This includes tax..



Joanie Lewis has had a love and compassion for wildlife from as far back as her memory can take her. Having formed a close relationship..



Chapman Leijenaar is an architect by trade, but also cares deeply about our flying friends. He is dedicated to saving the species and bring



Maria Nicolae has loved animals and nature ever since she can remember, and believes that their protection and conservation is of utmost imp

Bats QLD Policies and Code of Practice