BIG NEWS for February – PLEASE DONATE – Bats QLD are in a Fundraising drive to raise funds to build a large flight aviary! Our friends at the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre have kindly allocated us some land on their premises that Bats QLD can use, and we are raising funds to build a large 20+ Metre Flight Aviary. This can be used for the orphans (and adults) where they go into pre-release, and then be able to release into the wild from the same area. We need to raise $10,000 to enable this to happen, and we have volunteers that have kindly offered labour for free to build it. This aviary would make an incredible difference to what we can do, and our rehabilitation & release capabilities, and it’s in a fantastic location.
We will keep track of the funds raised, and keep you updated. Please go to our website // for the link to Paypal to Donate, or PM us, and we can send you our (Aus) bank details.
Please let us make this happen. We have nearly 100,000 followers, so we only need a tiny donation from each of you to achieve our goal. Please donate! All donations over $50 will receive a thank you certificate, and but even $2 will help!