Resources for Carers

… closed Facebook group for BatsQLD Orphan Carers. Created to share stories, seek help from mentors and get updates from our Orphan Coordinator.

… one of the most comprehensive manuals on caring for injured and orphaned Flying Foxes. Definitely worthwhile getting a copy!

Housing Options

… an economic option for short term housing of Flying Foxes and Microbats. Can be used as a transport crate or as a hospital cage – soft shell prevents injuries, collapsible for storage – 51cm (H) x 68.5cm (W) x 51cm (D) … larger sizes avilable from pet supply stores.

… If you are looking for a super easy to set up, free-standing enclosure for Flying Foxes, this is it! Sturdy frame 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 m, all inclusive with fitted netting and zipper door, setup in 15 min, ready for indoor use. For outdoor use, additional snake-proofing required. Ideal for housing up to 6 older Flying Fox orphans and medium term rehab adults.