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Rescue Basket

  • transport of Flying Foxes after rescue or to vet appointments
  • hospital cage for Flying Foxes requiring bedrest
  • housing for Flying Fox orphans during the first few weeks
  • PRO: small gaps so animal is well contained, arms / wings / thumbs unlikely to get stuck
  • CON: Flying Foxes are unable to hang comfortibly in these baskets

Large Pet Carrier / Soft Crate

… an economic option for short term housing of Flying Foxes and Microbats.

min size 51cm (H) x 68.5cm (W) x 51cm (D)

  • Flying Fox and Microbat hospital cage or for quarantine
  • transport crate for multiple animals
  • housing older Flying Fox orphans
  • PRO: soft shell prevents injuries and animal is well contained, collapsible for storage, fits on the backseat of most cars for transport
  • CON: before use, netting needs to be installed on the roof for Flying Foxes to hang on, some Microbat species can chew through the mesh, challenging to keep clean and wears out over a few seasons

Intensive Care Unit

Brinsea TLC Incubator … or similar model

  • young Flying Fox and Microbat orphans on heat support during the first few weeks
  • intensive care of compromised adult animals