Sponsor A Bat and Help Save Our Flying Friends

Bats Qld is a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation. We depend entirely on donations to do the work we do. By sponsoring one of our bats in care, you help us cover the cost for food and medication for all our little patients. Complete the form below and we’ll send you an official sponsorhip E-certificate and/or a Hard Copy (including a hard copy of the certificate and photo of your sponsored bat).


Black Flying-Fox orphan

Sassy girl may be small and had a sad start but she sure has a big voice!

Found A Bat Gold Coast


Black Flying Fox Orphan

Little Star certainly steals the show! She loves climbing and flapping even though she is a premature baby and still smaller than newborns.

Baby Bat Gold Coast


Black Flying Fox Orphan

Welly had a rough start. His mum was taken from him by a dog and Welly had to have stitches in his cheek.

Baby Bat Gold Coast


Black Flying Fox Orphan

I’m Misty and I am soooo cute than I will melt your heart! I enjoy lots of cuddles, my bottle, early morning sunshine and a tummy tickle.

Baby Bat Gold Coast


Black Flying Fox Orphan

Bean came to us as just a little Bean, but is also full of beans! He is a sweet little boy with puppy dog eyes who loves a cuddle.

Bats SEQ Rescue


Black Flying Fox Orphan

Boop…hellooooo…my name is Winny and I lost my Mumma, but I was lucky because someone found me and wrapped me up safe and sound.

Baby Bat Scenic Rim


Black Flying Fox Orphan

Sadly Wally's mum was severely injured and passed away. But Wally doesn't let her death be in vain, he continues on thriving in care.

Found A Bat SEQ


Black Flying Fox Orphan

Willy is small but mighty! Coming in a tiny premature baby, he's never giving up, growing bigger, stronger and more adventurous every day.

Bats Gold Coast


Black Flying Fox Mum & Pup

Drama Queenee got her name because of how fiercely she protects her baby, while little Princess Aurora usually sleeps through all the drama!

Found A Bat


Black Flying Fox Adult

Our old boy KingKong has come a long way since he was found in a planter box with very limited mobility and was unable to use his legs.


Grey Headed Flying Fox Juvi

Rhiann, named by her Scottish finder, had a bad skin infection causing fur loss but with lots of treatments is now growing her fur back.


Black Flying Fox
Bat Rescue Queensland


Black Flying Fox

Poor Sushi got trapped in inappropriate fruit netting and sustained severe injuries, but she's now slowly healing in care.


Eastern Broad Nosed Bat

Batt was found on the ground, water soaked and skinny with a small puncture above his right eye and an old small wound on his forearm.


Goulds Long Eared Bat

Batney and her friends had found a nice roosting spot, but when the shades were disturbed, her mates flew away but she stayed behind.


Northern Free Tail Bat

Leonardo was found by a caring member of public after they heard a thud outside on the balcony, where he likely bumped his head.

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